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feb 16, 2022
there's so many resources for learning javascript, where do i start?6 min read
recently, i had a friend ask me about learning html & css, but he didn't know where to start with javascript. truthfully this was hard for me when i first started learning how to program because there's so much out there, and it's hard to know where to start. here's my take on how to begin the javascript journey.
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feb 9, 2022
my headset broke and i need another monitor - the developer setup7 min read
everyone has their preferences for what makes their work environment comfortable. for developers, sometimes this comes with a lot of equipment. sometimes devs use just their laptop. here i name a few pieces of equipment, and maybe get a little salty about my broken headset.
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feb 3, 2022
scrap everything & scrum5 min read
this past week, i started diving back into the scrum framework in order to finally take my scrum master certification over the weekend. honestly i don't know how i ever worked without this framework.
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jan 26, 2022
getting better at coding - what works for me7 min read
when you work on a large project, it can be daunting to understand just all of the package, tools, and software being utilized. these are just some of my strategies to get past being overwhelmed, and to become just a little better at writing code.
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jan 18, 2022
a day in the life of a software developer7 min read
i've been developing software professionally for a little less than 2 combined years, and i've gotten asked what my day looks like. here's a glimpse.
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jan 12, 2022
small fails bring big wins - coding edition!5 min read
being a developer means failing over & over again. shaking hands with the frustration that comes with this has been essential to my growth, and continues to press me on to become a better developer -- and a better person.
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jan 6, 2022
tailwindcss - a look at not judging books by their cover5 min read
there's a ton of great libraries out there for our css-in-js needs, but none that do quite what tailwindcss is doing. when i went about redesigning my website, i chose tailwind as a challenge, and it prove to pay off.
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dec 26, 2021
new job, who dis, and closing out the year!6 min read
i got a new job, and i'm closing out 2021 with some early resolutions. bonne annรฉe!
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aug 23, 2021
my first tech live stream, releasing a website, getting better at spanish, and other life updates4 min read
it's been a while since i've posted anything. life's been a rollercoaster lately, however, i've learned a lot along the way, and i'm excited to share with ya'll this update!
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jul 27, 2021
my graphcms appreciation post: a shoutout to my newest favorite headless cms4 min read
this blog is made awesome with much credit to the folks at graphcms for an awesome tool that has sparked more interest into learning graphql.
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jul 14, 2021
practice practice practice, rinse, repeat5 min read
trying to become better at development? at anything? well, the good news is that the solution is simple. the bad news? it's not very sexy.
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jul 5, 2021
frontend gotcha's that made me facepalm3 min read
sometimes i miss the obvious parts about web development and then end up facepalming because they were actually simpler than i initially thought. web dev is rough.
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jul 5, 2021
welcome2 min read
an introduction to this blog, with a short summary of who i am, how i started developing software, and what i plan on writing about in the future.