Kelli Landry Profile

hey y'all! my name's kelli landry. 👆 that's me! thanks for droppin' in! hope you like lowercase and emojis 😇

first impressions are everything, right? so, i'm a hufflepuff, an enfj-a, jim from the office according to buzzfeed & was once described by a former boss as the 🦄 unicorn extrovert among our team of developers and managers. i've worked for two successful startups, survived a pandemic and two furloughs, completed a boot camp in 8 months while working a full time job, and have recently learned how to swim laps. my goal is to work in tech, building tools to make life easier. i'm a tenacious learner, and have a long, yet exciting journey ahead of me. thanks for stopping by, and connect with me on linkedin if you want to say hi!