Kelli Landry Profile

hey y'all! my name's kelli landry. 👆 that's me! thanks for droppin' in! hope you like lowercase and emojis 😇

first impressions are everything, right? so, i'm a hufflepuff, an enfj-a, jim from the office according to buzzfeed & was once described by a former boss as the 🦄 unicorn extrovert among our team of developers and managers.

what's a place like me doing in a girl like this? (the mummy... anyone?) well, i used to be a social worker. in 2016, burn out got the best of me. helping people is tough 🤕. i started working for a tech startup, & kept growing. fast forward to now, and i'm still learning. i've had many set backs since finishing boot camp in 2019. i've survived two furloughs, hustling in a warehouse for 6+ months to get by, losing valuable time to devote to coding, & trying to find the right fit for a junior developer. but, in the meantime i made this website as well as a functional tool for a friend. it hasn't all been completely wasted, but i have a ton to learn. i still have hope that i can one day be a badass full stack engineer. my approach now is one of not only tenacity, but humility.