Kelli Landry Profile

hey! my name's kelli landry. 👆 that's me!

first impressions are everything soooooo, i'm a hufflepuff, an enfj-a, jim from the office according to buzzfeed & was once described by a former boss as the 🦄 unicorn extrovert among our team of developers. i've worked for two startups, survived a pandemic and two furloughs, completed a boot camp in 8 months while working a full time job, and can swim 3000 yards in about 2 hours. my goal is to work in tech, building tools to make life easier. i'm pretty tenacious & my goal is to be a full stack developer in the next five years. my strong areas are anything javascript, but i have a long way to go to consider myself an expert. currently, i am focusing on my role as a devops engineer & scrum master @ CGI.

starting from social worker to software developer has given me a lot of opportunity yet not without my fair share of struggle. after about 3 years in tech, i still feel like an imposter. the rough plan is to build & learn as much as i can to push through the doubt. so far, it's working.